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10 Secrets to Staying Remote

As we put full-on COVID19 lockdown behind us, some are happy to swarm back into the office, and some are looking at commutes and 9-5 office life with fresh eyes. Where are you? Ready to keep it remote? Still just contemplating?

Either way, 10 Secrets will help you navigate the non-technical, soft-tissue aspects of the journey.

What Will You Get From This Book?

Before COVID19, many people had a glib, lazy perspective on remote work. "With all this tech," the thinking went, "working from home is easy."

Yes, the tech is there—Zoom, Slack, VPNs, web-based collaboration tools, etc. But making #remotework stick, in the context of an office or company where everybody else is still in the office every day, takes strategy. The politics. The FOMO. Maintaining influence over projects and products and policy. Fighting the lazy stereotype of the digital-nomad tech-bro drinking margaritas in a Mexican cantina while feigning head-down productivity via iPhone. Avoiding the resentment triggers that may encourage jealous colleagues to engage in pass-agro sabotage.

That's all real. And it's harder to deal with it remotely. That's why we're here.

Beware hidden points of failure

The path here is not always obvious or intuitive. Envious colleagues? Dubious supervisor? Take another good look around before you take this plunge.

Focus on outputs, not inputs

The key to surviving and thriving while remote is to reliably produce tangible results, which only happens when you've adopted an output-focused mindset.

Own your time

The slots on your calendar are *yours*! These are the precious, non-renewable input widgets that you use to create value and deliver results. Stop giving them away!

Embrace tools and systems

Using simplistic tools to manage and solve complex problems puts your remote gig at risk, particularly if the rest of your team is still in the office every day.

Master asynchronicity

Stop playing project ping-pong. Pretend you won't ever actually talk to your colleagues when you hand work off to them. It's the only way remote work works.

Learn to write more better

In or out of the office, becoming a competent writer will permanently up your game by an order of magnitude. As a remote worker, it's *essential*.

Who This Book Is For

Remote work isn't for everyone, in any field. But it's more practical than a lot of people realize. And after this COVID19 pandemic is over, more and more employers are going to have to take this seriously—maybe even yours!

If you're tempted to try to stay remote, after all this is over, while most or all of your colleagues return to the office, read this first!

  • Marketing/Branding agencies
  • Law firms
  • Architecture/engineering
  • Software companies
  • CPA/Accounting firms
  • And many more!
  • Administration
  • Sales/Marketing
  • IT support
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • And many more!
Wayne Saucier, author

About The Author

My name is Wayne Saucier. I've been a #remoteworker since 2006, while working sometimes for myself, sometimes for others, largely in the tech sector.

Today, I'm passionate about doing my part to #DisruptTheCubicle and to help others achieve location independence, through e-books, online courses, and coaching, all via The 6-Sq-Ft Office.

As a digital nomad, I travel the world with my amazing wife Anna and our two relentless toddlers. We're on Instagram at @FourInTheWorld.